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The following is a list from the American Crafts Council, of artist books available at discount prices for ACC professional members from Allworth Press.

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The Art Business Encyclopedia by Leonard DuBoff, Attorney-at-Law Containing explanations of the most significant legal and business terms in common use m the art world. An essential reference for artists, collectors, dealers, galleries, museums, and their attorneys. (320 pages, 6" x 9", soft-cover, $18.95 - ACCPM prices $13.50).

The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide by Monona Rossol. A resource guide for artists, craftspeople, teachers to the safe and ethical use of art or craft material. Designed to help art workers comply with applicable health and safety laws, including United States and Canadian Right-to-Know laws and the new United States Art Materials Labeling Act which bans the use of many common art materials by children (328 pages, 6" x 9", $19.95 - ACCPM price $14.00).

The Artist's Resource Handbook, Revised Edition by Daniel Grant. A complete easy-to-use volume of resources available to artists at little or no cost. (176 pages, 6" x 9", $18.95 - ACCPM price $13.50).

Business and Legal Forms for Crafts by Tad Crawford. Ready-to-use forms with explanations included with a forms-only CD-ROM. (8½" x 11", 144 pages, $19.95 - ACCPM price $14.00).

The Business of Being an Artist by Daniel Grant A guide to career issues faced by visual artists, including getting an exlubition, contracts with dealers and print publishers, selling to the public, and the pros and cons of publicists, art consultants, and art reps Also covered educational choices, art materials, health hazards, artists life styles, and obtaining grants and comnussions. (272 pages, 6" x 9", $18.95 - ACCPM price $13.50).

Caring for Your Art by Jill Snyder. Designed for practical, everyday use, this book both describes and shows by numerous illustrations how to take care of art so it will last. Chapters cover the best methods to store, handle, mount and frame, display, document and inventory, photograph, pack, transport, insure, and secure art (176 pages, 6" x 9", $16.95 - ACCPM price $12.00).

The Copyright Guide by Lee Wilson. A useful, comprehensible reference on copyright laws and ways to apply them. (6" x 9", 192 pages, $18.95 -ACCPM price $13.50).

The Artist-Gallery Partnership: a Practical Guide to Consigning Art by Tad Crawford and Susan Mellon. In depth discussion of consignment contracts clarifies every aspect of this crucial relationship in the world of art. (216 pages, 6" x 9", $16.95 - ACCPM price $12.00).

Arts and the Internet by V. A. Shiva. A complete guide to opportunities emerging on the Internet and World Wide Web for artists and arts organizations. (6" x 9", 208 pages, $18 95 - ACCPM price $13.50).

Artists Communities by the Alliance of Artists Communities. A complete guide to residence opportunities in the U.S. for visual and performing artists, composers and writers. (6¾" x 10", 193 pages, $16.95 - ACCPM price $12.00).

The Fine Artist's Guide to Marketing & Self-Promotion by Julius Vitale Unique strategies for fine artists to promote themselves and their work, (192 pages, 6" x 9", $18.95 - ACCPM price $13.50).

How to Start and Succeed as an Artist by Daniel Grant. All the avenues an artist may travel to become an active & successful professional (6" x 9", 224 pages, $18.95 - ACCPM price $13.50).

The Fine Artist's Career Guide by Daniel Grant, Guidebook for those who want to find art-related employment (6" x 9", 214 pages, $18.95 - ACCPM price $13.50).

The Law (in Plain English) for Small Businesses by Leonard D. DuBoff. A sensible and definitive legal handbook for smaller businesses. (6" x 9", 256 pages, $19.95 - ACCPM price $14.00).

Legal Guide for the Visual Artist by Tad Crawford. This classic guide covers copyrights, contracts, moral rights, privacy, leases, taxes, estate planning, and more, with valuable resource sections. (7" x 12", 224 pages, $19.95 - ACCPM price $14.00).

Licensing Art and Design (1995 Revised Edition) by Caryn Leland. A professional s guide for understanding and negotiating licenses and royalty agreements Written in clear everyday English. (6" x 9", 128 pages, $16.95 - ACCPM price $12.00).

The Patent Guide by Carl W. Battle. Explains the law and the process as regards patents. (6" x9", 224 pages, $18.95 - ACCPM price $13.50).

Selling Your Crafts by Susan Joy Sager. Tips and tactics for promoting and marketing crafts. Has business forms. (6" x 9", 224 pages, $18.95 - ACCPM price $13.50).

The Trademark Guide by Lee Wilson. A useful and comprehensive reference on trademark laws and ways to apply them.. (6" x 9", 192 pages, $18.95 - ACCPM price $13.50).

Also Available from Allworth Press:

Fine Art Publicity the Complete Guide for Galleries and Artists by Susan Abott & Barbara Webb (1991, 8½" x 11½", $22.95 - ACCPM price $16.00).

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